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Welcome to Voices- Hansadhwani’s unique dialogic platform, created to blend in any environment where humans interact, communicate and attempt to create meaning together. Voices aims to build bridges: lessen conflict via dialogues, to mend as well as heal relationships so that people successfully collaborate with one another. The main idea of Voices is to make every voice audible- by giving every person and opposing views to be heard in a respectful, safe and accepting milieu. By this we endeavour to help individuals and groups, look for new solutions to deal with social, work, community and relationship challenges appropriate to their requirements. A person, a family, an institution, an organization or a community are all different entities and each has its own voice/s and peculiarities, and frequently these differences become the bone of contention.

The voice, dressed up in suitable language, is the chief way in which communication is carried out, though not the only one. How many people get an opportunity for their voice to be trained for communication in flexible ways? For example a parent becomes a parent just by virtue of birthing a child, but by no training as to how to deal with the child. So the parenting style they adopt may be borrowed from their own parent/s or siblings/peers, or just respond to the needs of their children without a thought in their mind- intuitively. In a rapidly changing environment the older styles of parenting or families cannot sustain the complexity of modern society. So how can parents communicate with their children? And how often can they create confusion in the mind of a child about what is right or wrong, based on their communication style?

Whatever a child learns within families is what they carry outwards, from schools to colleges and then work-spaces. It is the family which is the basis of most of our communication attitudes and skills. A child who is not spoken to at home, becomes an introverted adult. At no point during the long education of an individual, is the person trained to communicate about emotions- and it may become a serious issue at a later stage. A whole array of discontent, anger, aggression, violence against the weak in any situation and against the ‘outsider’, is an outcome of generations of people not knowing how to deal with emotional expression, or the most socially appropriate ways of doing so.

Hansadhwani –Voices aims to address this gap in communication skills by sharing ideas from diverse research areas, principally targeted at reducing conflict and forging collaborations- our little contribution to transforming the world.

Let us make an effort to bring divergent voices towards convergent outcomes- a little step in creating more happiness in our worlds.

Hansadhwani – Voices are workshop based trainings offered in organizations, institutions, groups and other settings geared towards a dialogic engagement, and collaborative action. We would be happy to help you create more effective communication in your environment. Kindly give us an opportunity for a new collaboration.