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Prateeksha Sharma lectures on select topics at present.

The areas that she focuses on are either in Mental health or Applied Musicology- in the context of education and health.

All talks are interactive and open to questions and discussions in a Dialogic Way (she will explain what this means at the beginning of every talk). As every talk is an earnest effort at sharing knowledge respectfully, she does not accept speaking opportunities for less than one hour and a half, at a minimumn.

You are welcome to invite her for a lecture/talk on any of the themes mentioned here. If you have any additional idea that you would like to discuss with her, you are welcome to discuss it.

Probable Themes for talks

Understanding the meaning of Recovery in Mental Illness of a long term nature

Role of family in Recovery from Mental Illness

Factors affecting Recovery from Mental Illness

Recovery from Mental Illness- Myth or Reality

Music and its impact on the Mind

Making Sense of Mental ‘Illness’